Behind every successful organisation, is a committed team that helps guide and takes prompt, immediate, decisive actions in contemplating welfare and academic activities. Virtual Voyage College is also fortunate to have a highly competent Core Team that is determined towards reckoning the new pillars of success to the organisation.

Know about our core management team – 

Mr. Mayank Gaur
Mr. Mayank Gaur Managing Director
Ms. Juhi Chabra
Ms. Juhi Chabra GM - Human Resource
Mr. Sanjar Makrani
Mr. Sanjar Makrani Managing Director
Ms. Asru Mitra
Ms. Asru Mitra Principal
Ms. Sonali Bhatia
Ms. Sonali Bhatia GM - Business Development
Ms. Nita Bhatnagar Mathur
Ms. Nita Bhatnagar Mathur International Business Relations
Ms. Sunaina jain
Ms. Sunaina jain Admission & Fee Officer
Mr. Sourabh Nagori
Mr. Sourabh Nagori GM - Web Presence
Mr. Kapil Karnik
Mr. Kapil Karnik Head - Visual Communication
Mr. Adarsh Trivedi
Mr. Adarsh Trivedi Creative Head - Graphic Designing
Ms. Rashi Chowksey
Ms. Rashi Chowksey Course Coordinator
Ms. Atisha Jain
Ms. Atisha Jain Course Coordinator
Ms. Shubhangi Tripathi
Ms. Shubhangi Tripathi Course Coordinator
Ms. Richa Kapoor
Ms. Richa Kapoor Course Coordinator