I need to be good at sketching skills to opt design courses?

Well!! The answer is “Yes” and “No”.

Many famous designers create terrible sketches but end up with great designs, and great sketchers that are average designers. Essentially you would only need to draw or sketch well enough to communicate your concept on paper without you having to explain what it is. We firmly believe everyone can learn to draw; many students come to us with no previous drawing or sketching experience and there are many different styles of visual notation and drawing. Our curriculum helps students find their own particular style for representing their ideas and concepts in visual form. So don’t despair if your sketching ability, at this time, is not up to par, as you will have a chance to refine it with assistance of our full time expert art faculties.

What type of faculty can I expect at the College?

VVC has team of scholarly and highly qualified faculties with vast educational and life experience. Course is delivered by full-time, in-house faculty, who has been practicing professionals and are not just professional teachers. Apart from regular full time trainers, we have guest and people from industries coming to take specific topics. This distinguishes VVC as a college that imparts industry-centric knowledge and skills.

How many faculty members teach at VVC?

Virtual Voyage in all has 100+ scholarly and experienced full-time, part-time faculty members and management staff. We also have Department Head for each discipline who takes care of the overall academics.

What will my timetable be like?

The time and number of hours a student needs to devote in campus depends on the course he has chosen. Every course demands varied number of hours.

A standard full-time study in courses like Fashion Design, Interior Design, Animation & VFX, Media & Entertainment, and Management is 4 – 5 hours per day. Performing art classes last for 1 to 2 hours. Event Management theory classes are for at least 2 hours per day with no time limit for field work. Web design and development or Graphic design class schedule is 2 hrs per day + extra practice hours.

Classes are planned 5 days per week, leaving at least one weekday free for other campus activities or at-home study and other commitments.

Is attendance compulsory?

It is absolutely vital to attend class regularly. Missing a class should be a rare occurrence; If you miss class more often, it will interfere with your learning and have a negative effect on your performance. Joining VVC will be a personally and professionally beneficial experience, and believe it or not, attending your classes will greatly add to this experience.

If you’re not showing up to class, you’re losing every opportunity provided to you in the classroom. Fine attendance combined with good college study skills and an attitude to learn will take you a long way.

Therefore, the minimum compulsory attendance is 75%. Any failure in achieving it will invite action as prescribed by the college/university. Students whose attendance is affected by circumstances beyond their control may apply for Special Consideration.

What material will I need for the program and how much extra we should expect to spend for material procurement? Or how much will my art supplies typically cost?

Students are required to buy their own art materials. The cost of art supplies for courses can vary greatly from courses to course. Typical costs are estimated depending on your program of study and how much you actually want to invest in materials as they are available at different prices.

What is the academic calendar?

The academic year usually runs from July through June with breaks for holidays.

Universities use semester system (2 terms).

Students will get a complete calendar at the start of the term which will have information

about holidays, events and activities.

How is VVC curriculum reviewed and upgraded?

VVC has scholarly team who works incessantly on course development. Our strong industry nexus and tie ups enable us to get valuable, pragmatic and relevant inputs which are further incorporated in respective courses.  

Do you organize educational trips and tours?

We are dedicated to the development and growth of young minds through educational trips and tours. Many field and educational trips are organized across the Nation For hands–on learning experiences that may be applied to a variety of subject matter upon returning to the classroom.

To give practical exposure and to provide first hand information and insight into real working environment of the industry, many visits to Nationally recognized animation studios, media houses, design studios, advertising agencies, fashion houses, production units, lifestyle exhibitions etc. are planned according to the courses chosen by the student.

Do I need to be good at English language?

Art and creative courses are not language bound. Candidates with compelling and unwavering interest can choose to live their dream irrespective of language limitation. VVC, itself provides complimentary Spoken English and PD classes to boost confidence and morale of the students.

What is the medium of instruction?

The medium of instruction in class is bilingual.

What happens if I have to miss a class?

At VVC, we understand you have life commitments outside of the college. If you have to miss a class, your educator can provide you with a brief update and notes from the class. One-on-one sessions with your educator can be organized in case of prior intimation about the leaves. It is advised to get the leaves sanctioned well in advance.

What if I don’t finish my course?

Even with the VVC support systems, students sometimes require time off during their studies due to personal difficulties or other reasons. You may apply for Leave of Absence if more than 15 days only in case of unavoidable circumstances, if approved by college you will be guaranteed a place in your course when you return.

How can I know about the course and gain details without visiting the college?

Under unavoidable circumstances, interaction with career advisor is possible on Skype but we advice students and parents to visit college for first hand view of a college and visiting a college can help you figure out if it’s the right place for you. You’ll have a chance to see and experience the intangibles. It’s hard to get a sense of the campus community from a website.

Visiting a college also gives you the opportunity to connect with some important people who may be a part of your application process to answer any questions you may have. A visit never hurts in terms of demonstrating your interest to attend a college. Click on How to Apply to seek complete details.

What if I miss my exams?

Universities allows student to appear for an ATKT if he or she misses 1 theory paper.

If student happens to miss 1 practical paper then student gets a year back.

Is there any facility for students to practice or work on assignments after college timing?

Yes, VVC campus is open for students to practice and work on the assignments and projects before or after their regular classes, from 8 am to 8.30 pm.

Can I take transfer from another college / institute?

Yes, transfer is definitely possible but under following conditions-

  • Transfer is only possible in 2nd semester or 2nd year of college.
  • University should be same.
  • No objection and No dues certificates are required from existing college.

Do I need a degree in relevant field to apply for Post Graduate course?

There is no such mandate. You can possess graduate degree in any field and still choose to do PG in the desired field. Our programs offer several pathways for students with no previous design experience and are intended for students who would like to transition into a desired career or add as a complement to their existing professional profile.

Can I opt for degree program along with my graduation from another University / College?

Student can opt for only 1 degree program at a time but has an option to earn a certificate or diploma in the desired field. The certificate courses are well researched and are job oriented.

Can I take 2 years at a local college and then transfer in final year in UG degree?

No, The University does not allow student transfer in final year.

Can I apply for more than 1 program?

You may take multiple of courses but we will recommend you to check the time and other requirements the courses demand. You can visit us to know about the course essentials and further discussion and queries.

How many seats are there?

In every course we have very limited seats and admissions are open for the coming session in degree, diploma and certificate courses.
University has given provision of 30 seats each in UG Degree & PG Degree programs.

Is there any entrance exam to qualify for the courses?

VVC has formed its own unique 4 steps technique to assess the student’s capability and inclination thus guiding them towards choosing a right and a promising career.
To know more about the technique click on Admission Procedure.

I am working; can I still pursue a course @ VVC?

Yes, you can. We have evening and early morning batches for professionals. For further details kindly visit our campus or calls us on the helpline number.

Is part-time enrollment possible?

Part-time study is possible for students enrolled in Diploma or Certificate programs but not for students in bachelor’s or master’s programs.

What is the deadline for submitting my application materials?

Deadlines vary from program to program. Visit How to apply to review deadline information specific to your intended program.

What is the age limit and educational qualification required to opt for certificate or diploma courses?

Anyone and everyone who is above 16 years of age and has strong desire to pursue career in unconventional streams can opt for the unique courses offered by VVC.

If I have backlog in a subject, can I still take up a course at VVC?

Students with backlog can opt for certificate or diploma courses as the stream you intend to choose, bear no dependence on your 10th, 12th or graduation scores. For degree courses, It depends on many factors and varies from case to case. Many universities have an option of provisional admission, to know more contact our admission cell.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission in various programs?

VVC offers courses which require fierce determination, passion, sincerity and the right attitude. If you think you have it all then congratulations, you have met the first eligibility criteria.
Virtual Voyage has formed it’s own unique 4 steps technique to assess the students capability and inclination thus guiding them towards choosing a right and a promising career.
To know more about the technique click on Admission procedure.

How do I register for the course?

Incoming students register for courses with the help of their academic advisor. The procedure completes after submitting the admission form, required documents and the first fee installment deposit to the accounts department.

When should I start the application process?

The application process for the new admissions cycle begins in the month of February every year. There is limited intake in each discipline so earlier the better.

What is the admission procedure?

Click on Admission Procedure for complete information.

How do I apply for graduation or post graduation program or certificate / diploma courses?

Click on How to Apply to have complete information.

Is it possible to enroll online?

Yes, it is possible to enroll online. Our enrollment procedure is very simple and convenient.

To access click on Online Enrollment Form.

What documents are required for admission?

Click on How to Apply to seek complete details.

Do I need to submit original documents?

Student needs to submit original as well as photocopies of documents in case if he or she is seeking admission in Degree program. For certificate courses student need to submit photocopies of documents. For complete list of document information refer HOW TO APPLY.

How is an admission decision made, and who makes it?

VVC has based its decisions on the strength of candidates’ enrollment objectives and the overall pool of applicants competing for admission.
The applicant pool is extremely large and seats are limited therefore, we use 4 step technique (Click on Admission Procedure to about 4 step technique) based on a combination of the applicant’s undaunted interest, keen inclination and other key information.

Admission decisions are not made by a single person. To ensure fairness in the selection process, we rely on input from a team of reviewers who can bring different perspectives. Your inquiry form is read by several admission officers or by a committee that includes career advisors, faculty and other top management personnel. As each member of the admissions staff or committee reviews the form, comments are recorded and decision is made accordingly.
The decision is made by consensus of the VVC team.

What is the last date to apply?

Seats in all degree and certificate courses @ VVC are limited and there is great competition for the limited number of seats every year. Therefore, it is advised to take the decision before the seats are filled, sooner the better.

Do I need certain grades or marks to be considered for admission?

Courses @ VVC are not reliant on high grades and marks as we believe in making your passion your career. Aptitude, the right attitude, motivation, passion, flair and zeal to learn are few barometers on which we measure and judge student’s potential.

What are the batch timings?

The batch timings differ with each course. Generally there are 2 slots for the same course to give liberty to students to choose as per their comfort; morning and noon. You can discuss your schedule with the counselor before opting for batches so that you can find yourself in your chosen course in the discussed time slot.

Can I enroll part time?

It depends on the courses you are opting for. Every course has different criteria and the amount of time required for learning varies greatly. Many courses allow part time enrollment, for further details kindly visit our campus to meet the career advisors.

Do you run evening batches?

Yes, we do have evening batches especially for the working professionals.

When do the batches begin?

Batches for full time Degree courses begin in the month of July for which the admission opens in the month of January. Batches for Certificate and Diploma courses are scheduled every 3 months.

Do you have weekend batches?

Yes, we do have weekend batches. Commencement of weekend batch is with minimum of 7 to 10 admissions in a discipline.

What is the time to visit campus for course details?

VVC is open Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm and on Sundays with prior appointment. Call on 09300 9300 11 for taking appointment.

What is the batch size?

Though the size of the batch varies from course to course, the limited enrollment in courses, generally does not allow more than 30 to 35 students in a batch.

Why Virtual Voyage College?

VVC is the choice for students who dream and dare to make unconventional and distinct career choice. Virtual Voyage College is a pioneer and top notch college which offers multitudinous disciplines under one umbrella. VVC has a very creatively charged atmosphere that fosters effectual learning.

The institute is recognized for high standards of excellence, providing excellent infrastructure and career placement facility. We provide a platform that enables strategic thinking to develop knowledge leaders.

A unique industry centric academic model designed by the industry leaders is pragmatic and immersive in its approach to make the learning effectual.

We foster innovative and forward thinking learning environment for independent decision-making, self-expression, technology and teamwork; taught by experts in their industries and matched with real-word projects and real clients.

Our revolutionary courses and programs prepare students to thrive in global, dynamic and multi-faceted industry environments.

To know more explore our website.

Do you have any VVC branches?

We have concrete plans to launch VVC in many cities and expand nationally and internationally soon.

Can I join a postgraduate course in a different college in India or abroad when I graduate from VVC?

Yes. Our degree and certificate courses are well recognized and accredited which ensures your eligibility for PG studies across the globe.

Is VVC awarded?

VVC is crowned college with many awards and achievements in it’s bag.
In past years, it has been awarded by many prestigious and esteemed government and private institutions.
Click Awards and Recognitions for reference.

What is the ranking of VVC?

VVC is one of the leading and top college in Central India based on its unique pedagogy, excellent deliverance, invincible academic reputation, solid placement and internship record and rooted industry nexus.

How do I schedule visit at the college?

You just walk into our campus or request for a prior appointment by giving us a call on 09300 9300 11.

How should I pick a career?

Choosing the right career can be difficult but having a defined career direction based on your interests, inclination and market opportunities will help you to advance in your career exponentially thus giving you satisfactory and lucrative growth opportunities. VVC has well informed and scholarly team of experts who are ready to guide and answer all your questions.
To get in touch with the academic experts call on 09300 9300 11 or visit the VVC campus.

How will I know that this courses is just right for me?

Based on your aptitude, interest and capabilities our career advisors can guide you to a right direction in choosing apt and the most appropriate course suitable for you.
To get in touch with the academic experts call on 09300 9300 11 or visit the VVC campus.

I am a parent and have queries, whom should I contact?

You can either contact us on 09300 9300 11, fill online enquiry form .and we will give you a call back, request a Skype call or visit our campus to meet the expert career advisors who will address all your queries.

How can I request information about courses?

Click on Courses, else for one to one interaction and detailed course information you can visit our campus and meet our expert career advisors.

Is there someone I can contact if I have additional questions about the courses?

Course coordinator of student programs at the College, is available to answer questions and clear your doubts. You can visit the college or call on 09300 9300 11.

What skills, background or technical experience do I need to join art or design courses?

Candidates must have an interest and a flair for the discipline. Any additional knowledge or experience in drawing/sketching, model making and visual art forms would be an asset towards your admission.

Does graduation course have an extra edge over certificate / diploma course?

Degree courses are the first and foremost choice for the 12th pass students. There is no reason to opt for certificate courses or BCOM /BBA/BCA etc. if one aspires to make career and achieve big in the desired unconventional streams. Degree courses enable students to focus completely with undivided attention to acquire complete knowledge and skills.

Although VVC Certificate and Diploma courses are designed by industry people and are complete courses in itself. They are equivalent to degree courses in terms of content, exposure and placement opportunities.
Certificates courses generally act as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree for high schoolers. A student can focus on specific training and then later with persistent interest can opt for a degree program.

Secondly, Certificate courses are opted by students who are pursuing graduation or post graduation from other colleges and are looking forward to do a course that is not only of their interest but is full of lucrative opportunities.
Lastly, certificate courses are an obvious choice for professionals who want to upgrade their skills and intend to take up formal education.

Do you have short term programs?

VVC has number of short and long term courses which empower the students to get job instantly. To know more we would suggest you to visit our campus or click on Courses.

Are you open on Sundays?

Generally we are closed on Sundays but with prior appointment you have an option of visiting us on Sundays.

Courses are affiliated to which university?

Our Media courses are affiliated to the university recognized by MP Government Department of PR – Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita evam Sanchar Vishwavidyalaya; established by the act number 15/1990 of Madhya Pradesh Legislature.
Our Art and Design Courses are affiliated to the university recognized by MP Government Department of Art & Culture – Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Art university; established by MP Government by act number 3 of 2009.
Virtual Voyage College also offers short and long term courses which are independent certificate programs exclusively designed by team of experts and industry leaders. The content is well researched, in sync with the industry needs and goes beyond the traditional curriculum.

Does the College of Design offer summer courses?

Yes, we do have summer courses. For further information, please contact the College.

I am already pursuing graduation from another college; can I apply for the courses at VVC?

Yes, VVC has opened the doors of opportunities for the students who are already pursuing graduation. Students can opt for the Certificate / Diploma courses of their choice from varied disciplines offered by VVC.
To explore and know more click on Courses

Is VVC certificate and diploma recognized world wide?

The courses delivered at VVC are respected and recognized within the industry. We seek industry professionals as educators and many excursions and incursions occur to ensure that the curriculum is constantly related to the industry.

Further, all VVC certificate and diplomas are written in association with key industry consultants and updated on an annual basis. It means that you will be studying in a well recognised college, your course is well researched, written and delivered by an industry professional and upon completion you will be an industry professional.

What is the difference between a BFA and B.Des degree?

Design programs around the world are approaching to this distinction which acknowledges that Design has become a discipline that is distinct from fine art. Design degrees are designated at the undergraduate level as a B.Des, the master’s level as M.Des (Master of Design) and professional doctorates as D.Des. The academic accreditation of the B.Des is the same as the BFA with the same number of credits awarded.

What if I want to change my courses?

If your course isn’t what you thought then it is somewhat possible to change but you need to think carefully and move quickly. Don’t expect the answer to be yes, without some serious questions as this time we would want to be sure that you’re making the right decision before we let you change. Student needs to give a valid reason to take transfer from one course to another but the decision completely lies in the hands of management. It also depends on whether you meet the criteria of the courses you seek to take transfer in.

Is counseling free of cost?

Yes, VVC provides free career counseling to the aspirants.
For free counselling session click career counseling.

How is the infrastructure of college?

We have an excellent infrastructure that will bowl you over. We have gone beyond and acquired spacious, modern, ideally located accommodation in the city. The campus is well-equipped with all the modern facilities and equipment and well-appointed too. The class rooms are huge with liberal space allocation. It is not only big in size but also consist of all the needful technical equipment’s. College has well mentioned and fully equipped acoustic studio for shoots and recordings with Chroma furnish, lights, sound systems etc. We also have a spacious auditorium where arrays of workshops seminars, celebrations and activities are held for student’s growth and enhancement. VVC has two computer labs across the campus with lab technicians for student support. Lab is fully equipped with more than 100 high configured systems. VVC has rich collection of books with a library for self study.

For visual presentation click on INFRASTRUCTURE

Do you have well equipped class rooms?

We have more than 30 sizeable classrooms in the campus  which are not only air conditioned but are infused with all the required essential multimedia projectors with sophisticated technology to impart training.

Interior and Fashion design classrooms along with multimedia projectors have well maintained drafting and tracing tables.

Fashion lab is spacious with latest industrial sewing machines which give real time experience of garment construction to students.

Our Performing Art classes are designed in sync with the practical training and exposure required for effective course delivery like Modeling class has a standard size ramp for practice. Acting and Theatre class is held in auditorium which has dynamic and versatile stage for performance. Dance studio is custom built with non slippery floor with optimum surface required for performance and training.

Multimedia, Animation, Photography, Media and Film making classrooms are absolutely resourceful with all the required equipment and software.

Apart from well furnished classrooms, college has a huge auditorium with proper seating arrangement and dynamic stage with mics, sound systems, lights etc.

For visual presentation click on INFRASTRUCTURE

Do you have well equipped computer lab?

VVC has two computer labs across the campus with lab technicians for student support. Lab is fully equipped with more than 100 high configured systems.

Do you have a library?

Yes, VVC has a pool of books available for students on various related subjects.

Do you have a canteen?

Since we are based in the mall, we have food court @ 3rd floor with variety of options.

Are classrooms and labs air conditioned?

Yes, our college campus is fully air-conditioned.

Is campus Wifi equipped?

There are computers with Internet access in the lab. If you have a laptop, the College also has a wireless network you can access.

How safe is Virtual Voyage Campus?

Virtual Voyage campus is 100 % safe and secured for students and staff working here. Being centrally located in the heart of the city in the Mall, it is guarded by full time security guards and it is fully equipped with cameras and fire fighting equipments.

Campus has staff working from 8am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday.

What extracurricular and sports facilities are available on campus?

Extracurricular and Sports activities abound at VVC!!

To provide holistic and 360 degree development of VVC students, ample of opportunities are provided throughout the year. Getting involved in other activities on campus provides opportunities to learn things you won’t study in a classroom. Keeping the belief in tight that participating in extracurricular activities in college makes Student College experience much more fun and fulfilling; we have wide range of activities organized on or off the campus. Click on Event IPs to know about our trademark and other events and activities.

Do you provide online education?

As of now, no but soon we will be starting it.

Do you acknowledge the receipt of an Online Enquiry application by mail?

Yes! You will receive a mail once your application has been submitted followed by a call from the admissions counselor.

Can we view our completed Online Form?

Once you have clicked on the “Final Submit” button you will be able to view your completed form.

Is hostel facility available?

We have more than 1000 students studying at VVC from different parts of the country. We have tie ups with Hostels and PG accommodations and we can assists you for the same.

Do you provide conveyance/transport facility?

VVC is centrally situated with all kind of transport facilities and local commute easily accessible and approachable. Soon we will be starting our own transport facility.

I am physically challenged can I still get admission at VVC?

VVC reckons in equality and does not discriminate physically challenged students and firmly believe that everyone has right to excellent education and no one should be denied of the same. We at VVC affirm equal rights and equal opportunities for them and work selflessly towards students welfare. We are keen to extend a supportive hand by providing a dynamic and a motivating platform thereby making students independent and confident.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Students do not need to bring laptop as college has a well equipped computer lab with more than sufficient systems and the lab is open till late evening. Still if a student wishes he/she can bring his/her laptop.

Do you provide study material?

Courses being run at VVC are pragmatic and require very less theoretical study; notes are provided in the class by the trainers and students have easy access to the college library which has collection of books, journals, magazines etc. for reference purpose. The trainer would recommend the reference material for the topics that requires research for in depth knowledge.

What is male to female ratio @ VVC?

You will find comfortable mix of male and female students in a class. It also depends and varies from courses to course. Like in Fashion Design course, female students are outnumbered by male students and we have almost equal numbers in Interior Design, Media Studies and Event Management, Performing Art and other courses.

Is your college Co-Ed?


How many students attend VVC?

VVC has more than 1000 students enrolled in various courses.

I am a parent; will i be informed about my wards attendance and class performance?

Parents are free to contact the HOD of the concerned department via message or call between 11 to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. Parents or guardians are free to visit the college with prior appointment and meet faculties for feedback on their wards class performance.

Do you have locker facility?

VVC has locker and storage facilty for design students.

What types of companies visit for campus placements?

The umbrella encompasses all the renowned and prodigious companies, media houses, designers, production units, houses and studios, design labels, brands, animation studios, Ad Agencies etc. Click on Top Placements to know more.

Will I find job along with the course? Or how the courses at VVC help me get a job?

Increasingly employers expect job applicants, even for entry-level positions, to have an degree or certificate. VVC courses have been specifically designed to increase students employability by integrating and incorporating inputs from industry and employers through the Industry Advisory Panels, and by including internships to build students practical experience and networks prior to completion of the course. Furthermore, the programs are taught by people currently working in the industry, who can offer the best mentoring and guidance about getting established.

Will I find job on campus?

Yes, the programs will be assured of job assistance and internships. Placement cell housed within, VVC ensures direct exposure to the industry and a professional environment, thereby enhancing employability of its students with practicing professionals and industry mentors. Click on Top Placements to know more.

What internship opportunities does VVC offer?

Many programs allow for professional internship as part of their curriculum. Internships are obtained independently or through VVC. Our students have recently interned at many renowned and stellar companies / designers / media houses / industries etc. Click on Top Placements to know more.

Can I work while I am enrolled in the program? Does college assist in providing a job?

Many students need to sustain outside employment during their studies. We recommend no more than 4 hours of outside work per day. College team members are anxious and eager to provide the best possible support and assistance to students; we strive to provide part time job assistance to the needy students.

What are the areas in which I can get placed as a graduate from VVC?

The various areas where a graduate from VVC (depending on one’s choice of Course) can look forward to be placed in are –
Newspapers, TV News Channels, Portals, Radio Channels, Television Production Houses, Television Channels, AD Filmmaking Houses, Independent Filmmakers, Advertising Agencies, Media Planning Houses, Market Research Agencies, PR Agencies, Event Management Firms, Corporate Houses, Media Organizations, NGO, Manufacturing units, Export houses, Designers studios, Fashion houses, TV Production Houses, Architectural firms, Interior Design Studios, Lifestyle stores, Advertising Agencies, IT companies and many more
Please refer section from Courses to access complete and specific course scope and employment industries.

Can we get in touch with alumni?

VVC has network of alumni around the globe and we are proud of them. Not every alumnus is open to share the contact details, you need to visit VVC and meet the concerned course Coordinator, and he/she will assist you for the same.
Refer Alumni to know more.

How do I join the Alumni Association?

You become a member of the Alumni Association automatically upon successful completion of the courses.

What is the job placement rate?

Job prospects are excellent for VVC students. Many students who are chosen for internships are hired by the same companies after they graduate. Others find great prospects with the help of our dedicated placement cell. To learn more about the employment choices made by our most recent graduates, visit Top Placements.

Where are students placed and what are are the minimum and maximum packages drawn?

Our students get an opportunity to work with prodigious industries. Depending on the course taken up by student and his / her performance, many of our students are pursuing internships, working at entry level jobs and placed at prominent ranks.

What is the fee structure?

VVC has range of career options for students in various disciplines with Degree, Diploma and Certificate options with 1, 2 or 3 years duration.
The fee depends on the choice you make. For complete information visit us @ VVC campus.

Is there any fee waiver for SC/ST/OBC reservation?

There are no reservations or limits of any kind at any point in the admission process. All the students are considered in the same pool.

Is there any financial aid and / or merit based scholarship available?

We offer great scholarships to need-based students. Please click Scholarships to know more.

Can I pay fees in installments?

There are various fee payment modes available. Student has option to pay either on quarterly or monthly basis as per his/her convenience.
Please contact the accounts department or the career advisors for the same.
You can visit our campus or call on 09300 9300 11.

Is loan facility available?

Yes, banks are keen to support and provide loans to students for Graduate and Postgraduate courses. To know more Refer Education Loans

How can I get Scholarship?

We’ve rounded up selection of scholarship for any and every kind of courses in form of fee waivers and grants. The scholarships are acquired through various means; Social Welfare Organizations, Government departments, NGO’s and our own foundation “Virtual Voyage Foundation”

The applicant must appear for a scholarship test and accordingly the percentage of grant will be determined. Students can acquire scholarship up to 100%

To seek financial counseling and know about various grants, get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with us.

What are the eligibility criteria for scholarships?

Eligibility requirements depends on the type of students, for example, if you do not fall under minority category, then you would be ineligible for a scholarship that requires you to be a minority to apply. Also applicants must meet certain academic excellence and family income requirements.

What are the modes of payment?

The fees can be paid by Cash or Cheque at the institute.

What is the refund policy?

Fees once paid is neither refundable nor adjustable in any case.

Course Enquiry