Animal Act By Virtual Voyage Students

आज़ादी… जो हर किसी को पसंद है… और यदि कोई आज़ाद न हो तो …? चिड़ियाघर जाकर #VirtualVoyageCollege के अभिनय के छात्रों ने पशुओं के पिंजरे की चार दीवारों में आज़ाद न होने के दर्द को महसूस किया। और उसी दर्द को महसूस कर शाम 5-7 के बीच ,25 छात्रों ने गुलरेज खान के निर्देशन 

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Invaluable Session on Media by Ms. Naina Yadav

An interactive and informative Session with Media Students.She shared her views and talked about the scope of the ever growing industry, freelancing opportunities, digital media field and educated students with unique tips on coping up with the demands of Media Industry.

Jewelry Workshop- Virtual Voyage

The trendy jewellery designed for all the ages was created by indulging into various techniques like folding, rolling, twisting and cutting. Workshop was conducted by Ms. Rekha Agrawal on 6th & 8th of June Virtual Voyage College Campus.

Media Makeup workshop

An effective Media Makeup workshop was conducted by Kshipra M’am at the Virtual voyage college to prepare them for the red carpet looks.

ETV – Students Interview

High spirited students speak undauntedly on country’s unprecedented progress in the governance of the legend, Honorable Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi and God of cricket – Sachin tendulkar’s block buster release “Sachin.” – Covered by ETV