We never abstain from boasting & bragging about the achievements of our students.

Virtual Voyage College every month invariably acknowledges and rewards outstanding and stellar students who exemplify and demonstrates diligence, positive attitude, leadership quality, regularity and academic excellence.

Read on to know who is “The Student Of The Month”

Best Students of The Month – March-2017

Arzoo Kasaundhan

I, Arzoo Kasaundhan from the field of Interior Designing have started my graduation from Virtual Voyage. I am glad full to be a part of this college as the esteemed renowned institution is helping me a lot in making my career, also I am grateful to be the recipient of this award I promise to take the college to the new heights.

Jayesh Mandloi

I am really happy that I am selected for student of of the month. I just want to thanks to all the faculty who really support me. The environment of College is really awesome. The way by faculty teach us is easy and understandable. In the end thank you so much once again for the honour.

Karishma Sachdev

As a kid, many people get asked different variations of same questions - What has been your best experience?? At this age there are many joyful moments to consider like b'day parties, trips etc. But often it is not until your adult life that you go through many of your most valuable event. Personally,though I consider my life in Virtual Voyage College as my most valuable experience. Virtual Voyage has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in the field of my choice. My time in college has enriched my life in many ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world. It also has stressed to me the importance of thinking critically and asking questions in many situations. My college have made me more well rounded person. All have been very supportive and kind. On being selected as 'Student of the Month' I would like to give credit to my College - A big thank you for making me the person I never thought I will be. My college days are unforgettable and yes, it will be cherished

Lala Tomar

Trust and support- two words to describe Virtua lVoyage. The caring attitude of faculties and directors are remarkable.

Megha Alwani

I am Megha Alwani, student of Virtual Voyage college. The college which makes us believe that dreams can turn to reality with right guidance. Virtual Voyage College supported me to achieve career goal. It gave me amazing faculties which are experienced as well as very helpful. I am very grateful to be the recipient of this award. I will work hard and will never disappoint you all.Thank you VV for turning my dreams into reality.

Rashmi Sharma

There is no life without an aim. I liked stitching from childhood, but as I got married just after my B.A. I couldn’t take any further step in this field. After 16 yrs of my marriage when kids are grown up I started getting some time for myself too, I thought of doing Diploma in Fashion Designing and start a boutique soon. Then I came to know from one of my cousin about Virtual Voyage and I visited to get the information and got positive response from the faculties and staff. I was happy on my decision for choosing VV . I have started my diploma for one year but now I am extending it for one more year as I want to learn more from such experienced and learned team. Staff here is friendly, cooperative and are expert in their field, their teaching methodology is very practical and interesting thus making u learn something new each and every day. I would like to thank Abhay Jain Sir - the director of VVC, all my faculties and friends for encouraging me.

Sherin Anna Mathew

I'm Sherin Anna Mathew, MA student of Interior Designing from Virtual Voyage Institute of Design Media and Management. I love to build, create, design things since the days of my teenage. I have a wish to built.. And this wish is been fulfilled by this college (Virtual Voyage college). The bundle of practice they make us do in college helped me a lot to work forward in my field. The faculties are very supportive who supervise us in our works ..It's my proud movement to get this position of '' Best Student of The Month. " '' I'm heartily thankful to VVC... I'm happy to be a student of this college.. Thank you Sherin Anna Mathew

Siddhi Jaju

I'm Siddhi Jaju, diploma student of Interior Designing from Virtual Voyage college. Coming from a small town named betma, my journey to Virtual Voyage has been an extraordinary experience and truth be told, this would not be my first college for interior design however I could say with pride that Virtual Voyage is the college that has made me feel worth my time and money. It has provided me with new experiences that the previous college failed to do. Nonetheless, I look forward to enjoying and to gain as much as I can from this place in the little time.

Surbhi Joshi

There’s a sense of pride, being a student of Virtual Voyage, to study in this environment, to learn from the faculties and achieving the best.


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