Funding Source

All business needs funds to expand. The industry is placed with many Private Equity Investors and Venture Capitalists who are always keen to support the Entrepreneurs. This is the reason why some business firms are doing so well without having their own funds, the credit also goes to the investors behind them!

Virtual Voyage College is one institution which offers almost all new age courses under one roof. After doing an extensive market research and looking at the need of the industry, we have projected these secondary courses into primary full time courses.

Now, we dream of expanding extensively nation – wide!

We have Forethought of establishing 75+ Virtual Voyage Colleges (VVC), 3000+ Virtual Voyage schools (VVS) nationally and 10+ VV international Campuses ( VVCI’s).
Such a big endeavour is ought to face financial challenges. Thus, we are seeking Reliable funding sources for which we have come up with a unique business proposition offering good returns.
We are seeking some good associations & network with People, Leaders & Visionaries for investment, who are from various industries & who would help us in making our dream of PASSION BASED COURSES & SKILL BASED EDUCATION a reality for India!!


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